Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Dusty Owl Reading Series Presents The Sixth Annual Amazing Chocolate House Featuring Envelope 3!

6 December 2009, 2pm
Swizzles Bar & Grill, 246B Queen Street, Ottawa

Join us for a winter-warming afternoon of music, poetry, stories, chocolate, and helping Ottawa’s less fortunate.

The holidays are still a few weeks off, but here’s you chance to get things started the right way – with friends, live music, yummy chocolate treats, and refreshing chocolate drinks while supporting our local community.

This is our sixth annual fundraiser for The Ottawa Food Bank, so we ask you to bring along canned food, dry goods, toiletries, baby food, and cash donations to help others this holiday season.

And don't forget to bring your own poetry, stories, music, and rants to share in our open-mic set!
And did we mention there was going to be chocolate? Especially hot chocolate?

Ambiently listenable, sonically lush and complex, with a tight, technical structure that allows the fun, growling danceable underbelly to leap wildly...this is envelope 3.

Otherwise known as Dave Lauzon, this music is in the ambient electronica tradition.The relentless, danceable backbone of this genre along with the technological gadgetry is a fundamental part of the envelope 3 sound. That Dave plays an acoustic guitar that forms both the central voice and percussive backbeat of his music adds an organic influence that allows his music to avoid the sometimes inhuman and cold aspects of the electronic medium. Live sampling and looping provide a reflexive "chorus" that is bound to awe with its beauty...and impossible not to move to.

"...moments of nostalgic beauty and otherworldiness. Multidimensional, this music integrates height with depth, plays between whimsical and seriousness, moves between longing and being, dances with both joy and sorrow and invokes emotional participation from listeners."

"Elsewhere he has described his new ‘one-man band’ as a meeting of Kaki King and Orbital. Kaki is known for her use of the guitar as a percussive instrument and the use of loops to flesh out her sound. Orbital here might be replaced with any number of groups creating live electronic music. “More than just the use of one instrument in any particular way, I'm more referring to how two styles of music make me feel and how in turn that influences my own creativity."
Luke Bowden, Echo Weekly

Formerly the lead guitarist and songwriter for nero, Dave Lauzon has a impressive history. With nero, Lauzon headlined festivals on both sides of the border. The critics agree that Lauzon is a creative and talented musician. With nero, he has been featured in Relix and Guitar Player Magazine (nero feature) , and also been on the cover of Musik. His band and songwriting was nominated for a Jammy award in the New Groove Of The Year category in a sold-out ceremony/awards show at Madison Square Gardens in March, 2004.
Since that time Lauzon has been refining a highly original...and stunning..live solo performance that has evolved into envelope 3.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Nearly Changed Our Name To Hooter...

We're now on Twitter!

Check us out here for ocasional updates!

Like Karaoke?

And who doesn't?

I mean, where else can you (re)live those rock 'n' roll dreams, meet up with old friends and make new ones, and have so much fun?

So check out our friends Dog & Pony Sound as they put on their shoes -- I mean shows -- around town.

Best in Ottawa? You bet!

Best in Canada? Very, very likely.

Meet a Cool Lady and Her Bike Named Mike

Here is our pal Kate's blog about the cycling life here in Ottawa and beyond:


Poetry Goggles: Origins? (Part 2)

Steve is known to enjoy Tom Waits's music. To the point of having a Tom Waits impression shtick he plays out at local karaoke shows.

Coincidence? Hmmm...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Your Cultural Farmer's Market

Writers! Musicians! Poets! Artists! Crafters!


Bring your books, CDs, comix, chapbooks, knitted and sewn wares, posters, whatever to sell at the next Dusty Owl reading!

Check out www.dustyowl.com for upcoming dates, and bring your goods to the next reading -- we'll gladly let you use one of the tables so you can do business during the breaks!

For more info email Steve Zytveld at steve@dustyowl.com.

Poetry Goggles: Origins?

Steve is known to be a bit of a phan of Phish. Drummer Jonathan Fishman has been known to wear goggles during concerts.

Coincidence? You be the judge.